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Rainbow --- Niamh, Norm

16/08/2023 at 7:06pm. 8 videos posted to the channel today! a new record! channel will be updated because i hate the "epik vids down below" thing. VIDEO OF THE WEEK ADDED TO FRONT PAGE! first edition Rainbow --- Niamh, Norm

21/07/2023 at 11:45am. MNiaV Version 1 has been published! search bar will be removed slowly (might add in the future if i figure out the script)

20/07/2023 at 4:16p. Videos will soon be removed from the home page and put onto our blogs and the related tab will slowly be removed from each page.

20/07/2023 at 2:50pm. Updates will be regular for now on... maybe every 2 or 3 days. New page coming for Brick Hill sets! The page will have audio files which will give my our sets more character!

25/06/2023 at 8:27pm. Niamh can officially submit blog posts! images will be coming in the future.

25/06/2023 at 8:38am. Fixed bug with niamhytv link. I think i will make a bug fix page later.

25/06/2023 at 8:00am. NiamhyNorm.com is live!!!!!!

25/06/2023 at 7:14am. Don't forget to send me a list of calm songs you enjoy so I can add them to our site!

25/06/2023 at 7:10am. FINISHED FOR NOW!!!! WE ARE GOING ONLINE VERY SOON!!!!!!! :D

25/06/2023 at 6:07am. I went to gabriel's birthday party so I will publish this today probably.

24/06/2023 at 12:53pm. I'm about to publish this website to the internet!!!!

24/06/2023 at 9:31am. Hello! Still building the website. :D Today I'm making the links to other parts of the website and other websites like Brick Hill and Youtube.

23/06/2023 at 4:34pm. Welcome to my website! This website is to document TV shows/movies, Images, Important information, to make notes, and pretty much anything we want.